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/table lamp

It is like the building blocks piled up by children unintentionally.

The mushroom shape of a combination of semicircular and square shapes of geometry reveals some clues.

Through the action of rotating/moving the stone, it seems like you are in a secret chamber. When the light is on, the image of the table lamp comes out impressively, and the magical moment that light up the living room is ceremonially completed.


Utilizing the most real geological phenomenon in nature, black and white, white and black, overlapping each other and echoing the marble's life experience-- thousands of years of dislocation, contortion, and qualitative change, it is enough to let us know the truth through the dislocation of several stones. In this series nature and the man-made create an interesting conversation.

Iron Plate, LED, Marble /Plastic

W16.5 x D16.5 x H18.5 cm

W10 x D18 x H30 cm

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