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"He approaches design through the lens of comics and cartoons, making the humour evident immediately and to all; even those not familiar with the story." - Home Review, 2017

"Aesthetics is not the only consideration for Mike during the design process, as is evident from his choice of materials, which also reflects his thoughtful nature. "- IFFS, 2017

"As a sentence needs a comma for a break, ‘comma stool/chair’ provides a break moment in our daily life "- Design Diffusion, 2017

"Unsophisticated design style has spawned a stool solely comprised of its four legs which also form the seat." - Domus, 2017

"透過巧妙的設計傳遞其實生活可以簡單有趣,將幽默意念融合在生活中,每天多增添一點開心。" - Lavie, 2012

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