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‘Good old days’

/ Wall lamp 

This series transferred animal head decorations into new meaningful & playful wall lamp.


Traditionally animal heads on the wall represented victory as hunting trophy. However, from the  animals’ perspective, its death. They lost spirit, as well as the life, memory and every beautiful things that ever happened to them. Aside of adding a glowing light above the head to present the actual meaning of it, the designer also added the emotions and memories in their eyes. If you look closely and try to understand the meaning behind the icons, you’ll feel how cruel it is to take away their lifes. Back to the products, these designs are great wall decorations, not only stunning but also delivered the environmentally caring message.


NO,1/Joyful deer 


W25 X D29 X H37 cm



NO,2/Merry fox


W15 X D17 X H20 cm



NO,3/Greedy wolf


W23 X D20 X H26 cm



NO,4/Furious rhino


W20 X D25 X H37 cm

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